The Coming of Mark XLII - Power Pose Series (PPS)

HOT-TOYS PRESS: "Iron Man 3 is coming to theaters in just three months! Fans, are you ready yet? We know that many fans have been awaiting the Mark XLII collectible for long, so Hot Toys is now thrilled to announce our brand-new Power Pose Series (PPS) and the armor of the Mark XLII collectible will be activated soon! The Mark XLII PPS is coming very soon! Stay tuned!"

Scale indicated on the teaser image is "1:24" - which I reckon is gashapon/capsule-sized? And here I thought it would be a larger-scaled series, likened to Sideshow Toys' "Premium Format" collectibles, innate? Check out the image posted below (via of possibly the Mark XLII PPS:



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