SALES ALERT: About that Fishtank Castle 1983 'Special Edition' by The Tarantulas (for #Auction+SalesForStroke 2013)

UPDATE: Item has since SOLD! Thank you!

The image shown above is the final printed version of The Tarantulas' Fishtank Castle 1983 - copies of which were open for pre-orders and are currently being shipped to their new owners. As well, a select small number of these will be made available at the coming ToyConUK in April (Read more here).

Via the generosity of The Tarantulas, a single "Special Edition" copy is now being sold HERE - whereby the issue comes signed by The Tarantulas, but also include a doodle drawing!

Do note that 100% of Sales Proceeds will be donated to The Day Rehab Center at St. Andrew's Community Hospital in Singapore! And the artists will be sponsoring the shipping of the item himself!

Sales end February 1st @ 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time) essentially 10 hours from time of this post, so stay sharp and click forth, good citizens!


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