SALES ALERT: About that 'Kaiju Sushi' Print by Paul Shih (for #Auction+SalesForStroke 2013)

UPDATED Feb 1st: Sales for this item has since ended! Thank you for your considerations!


Shown above is an unsigned copy of Paul Shih's KAIJU SUHSI Print - currently up for sale HERE for ONLY US$25 (excluding shipping) - with 100% of Sales Proceeds will be donated to The Day Rehab Center at St. Andrew's Community Hospital in Singapore!

(The Kamen Rider Print below is from my own collection, and is shown here to tease, but not to tempt, as it is NOT for sale ;p).

Sales end February 1st @ 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time) essentially 8 hours from time of this post, so stay sharp and click forth, good citizens!


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