The Coming of Mizu Oni Tako (MOT) from LiLJAPAN


From LiLJAPAN comes a sculpted-release of splendid Oni-proportions! Welcome the Mizu Oni Tako ("Water Oni Octo" AKA: "MOT". Standing at 2.5" tall and made from resin, sculpted, handmade and painted by LiLJAPAN himself, and will be released as a set of 10 only. The images shown here are astounding, srsly!

The very first release will be a blind box release retailed at US$50+SH. Each blind box will include one one of a kind MOT, where one lucky person who pulls out a gold version will receive a original art work of MOT....for FREE!


The definite drop-date has yet been confirmed but will be released somewhen in February, so please keep an eye out on this blog for updates, or better yet, stay tuned to the LiLJAPAN Facebook-page or Twitter+Instagram @liljapan.


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