Thor: The Dark World @ ToyFair 2013


While not exactly enjoying the attention as much as the "Iron Man 3" does, "Thor: The Dark World" gets it's fair share of hype-via-toy-reveals with this line-up seen at the weekend ToyFair 2913 (Image via Action Figure Insider). And while the middle and far-left looks to be LOKI and THOR, I had initially thought the character on the far-left to be "Kurse" (As mentioned by actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - who plays both Algrim and the character's demonic alter-ego, Kurse), but according to Comics Alliance, they are in fact "Dark Elves". Luckily, for I would surely be under-impressed if this was indeed Kurse, or even Algrim LOL


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