Toy Break 248 / 24 Hour Toy Break on Feb 8

Double the Toy-Break-news today! First up is the above Toy Break Episode 248: "Use The Force Luke!" - where Luke Chueh joins George and Ayleen for Secret Agent Moon, Nano Speed, Star Wars Angry Birds, and more.

As well Toy Break will be having their third annual "24 Hour Toy Break" event on Friday February 8th starting 5pm (PST) thru to 5pm on Saturday February 9th - where they will be broadcasting live with guests, exclusives, and goodies for sale/auction to help raise funds for Toy Break. These are the exclusive toys to look out for on


PURPLE GUMMY DEADBEET: Designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar, this is the Toy Break exclusive translucent purple edition of this 7.5" Japanese vinyl figure is limited to 30 pieces for $60 each.


PURPLE & METALLIC PURPLE BABY DEADBEETS: Clocking in at 1.5" of PVC goodness, Baby Deadbeet ships loose (no packaging). Designed by Scott Tolleson and sculpted by George Gaspar, each Baby Deadbeet is only $2!


BLUE WALKING DEAD MINIFIFURES: This October Toys exclusive blue version of the Michonne minifigure three pack from The Walking Dead includes 2" figures of Michonne and two walkers with real chains for only $12!


PURPLE OMFG SERIES 2: Series 2 of the Outlandish Mini Figure Guys by October Toys are purple for only $10 per set! OMFG! Series 2 consists of five PVC collectible minifigures measuring approximately 2" each, in blister on card.


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