MEGASETH World Tour in SG


A superb surprise greeted me as I sliced open the tan-colored tape embracing the brown carton box this Monday morning, and to my delight, it held a bubble-wrapped box of awesomeness within … from Lisa Rae Hansen ( and came this 1/1 TOYSREVIL-Edition of MEGASETH! Something totally unexpected, and something ultimately humbling …


If you've not read my earlier product announcement post, here's the deets about this MEGASETH designer resin figure:

- MEGASETH is a hand-cast resin standing 4-inches tall.
- There will be 2 colorways released at ToyCon UK on April 6th.
- The "I Break Toys" Edition runs 10 pieces only.
- The "" Edition runs 10 pieces only.
- Both editions will be available at their respective booth as ToyCon UK, any unsold pieces at the show will be made available afters via their respective online sites.
- There will be 2 chase versions in each colorway.
- Each MEGASETH set retails for £50 per.
- Go HERE to read more about MEGASETH!


What is included in the set includes special MegaSeth Rock Memorabilia - featuring a Gig Ticket, a Mini Print, Real Plectrums, and Badges. Dan Perry mentioned that the black foam within my box-set was hand-cut (due to the lack of time ;p), and that the final version would also include a space to hold the badges and guitar pick. Regardless, the packaging box I received was luxe and a slice of wicked, IMHO.


The figure itself? Discounting the fact that it displays a TOYSREVIL-mascot on it's shirt (hence rendering it super-awesome!), this is an absolutely brilliant piece of awesomeness! (You can see for yourselves my abject lack of vocabulary used here as I am still in awe of this piece LOL) - The lines are decently crisp, the paint-app is sweet, and the size was perfect for this non-articulated resin piece. I simply could not get enough of it! Check out individual images posted HERE on my Facebook album!

£50 each? An absolute "steal", IMHO. Now, if you can get a hold of this, it would be a real treat - whether you are a collector of art toys, or rock emorabilia (or both!), and I heartily recommend you find a way to do so, or cross your fingers some would be made available online. Stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for eventual updates on availability, or you'd do well to follow their respective Twitters for headsup @ibreaktoys and @fugi_me.

My humble and sincere thanks for this Lisa Rae and Daniel!


  1. This is so cool Andy. SO happy for you. ToysRevil is definitely THE toy blog!


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