More Views of DigesTED by Alex Pardee x Kidrobot Black


Previously teased HERE, Kidrobot Black's DigesTED by Alex Pardee is currently listed on - with the following product info that this 6-inch tall vinyl is in an edition of 250 prices and will be priced at US$200 per. Here are some more images to share (individual images uploaded HERE on my Facebook album), and a write-up of the creation:

WHAT: 'The gift that keeps on taking. Lifelong friend or enemy? Every thing has a secret life. Behind the scenes, in the dark when no one's watching, what do we know of even our best of friends? Waiting motives always reveal themselves, tearing through the mock exteriors that build trust and perfect traps.

This once cozy demon is having his day, powered by the horror of its prior owner and already onto its next victim. The veneer is stripped away to reveal the terrifying truth. Something wicked this way came - not through a hard knock on the door or from the corner of your eye, but freely accepted, as a gift, a trusted companion for cold nights and hot fears.

It's not the dark that's scary. It's your friends in the dark you should be worried about.'


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