S.H.Figuarts Daft Punk by Tamashii Nations / Bandai

And while the announcement of their new album "Random Access Memories" (for a May-release) might get Daft Punk-fans pumped up, here's something that might rile some toy-collectors into a tizzy (well, it did ME ;p). How about Daft Punk from S.H. Figuarts?


Toy News International reports that these 15cm tall articulated figurines has a release date circa November 2013. Price is not determined, but hell, I'm excited already! Am pretty surprised Tamashii Nations would release these figures, as most of their releases have been Anime-based (with a heap-helping of Marvel's Iron Man license), but I'm not quibbling here! As someone who has been had unsated grubby-hands for their figure-releases for a while (I'm looking at you Medicom), this would well be within my purchasing-range … I think?

S.H.Figuarts Daft Punk


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