Video Blog for 'An Artisan Designer Toy' by Syntetyk

Victor M. Mezquida at sends word of a series of Video Blogs showcasing the behind-the-scenes in making "An Artisan Designer Toy" - with the aim of telling, in first person, details will not be in the documentary, in which they are also making.
"We are starting a video blog to tell you, in first person, the documentary evolution, the things that are happening to us and a lot of interesting details. In this chapter, we talk about the six first days of filming, difficulties and decisions. In addition, we show exclusive images from behind the scenes."
Interesting to see this sudden surge of interest in documenting the art toy culture / making toys, compared to a few years ago when it seemed a barren landscape, with docus like "Vinyl Frontier" by Daniel Yana and it's ilk … would LOVE to have a slipcase of ALL of them someday tho!

An Artisan Designer Toy: "A documentary about the pleasure of creating, getting dirty hands, and learning from mistakes. It will be a documentary that show the process of creating a Designer Toy handcrafted, from the first sketch to get a copy on hand.

We want to share our experience and our way of working, and share it as a guide for anyone’s creative process, beginner or expert, who want to take their projects to the end successfully. Offer a real formula to reach the greatest number of people, to encourage them to start and grow their projects, having the certainty of not abandon them when the problems begin."