Star Wars by Xtrospectiv Artcore


"Xtrospectiv Artcore" is the nick of the illustrator for the following depictions of awesomeness from Star Wars characters! The thing is, this is not his "main job" (he has a day job in designing) and is instead done as a "passion". Due to certain circumstances, his Facebook no longer exists, and there is no where I can point you folks to, to view his works. Hopefully, in time this will change, truly, for this skill CAN NOT be lost to the wilderness, don't you think, folks?

Thanks for contributing these images dude! Keep rocking it, don't be stopping now!


"I Grew Up Watching The Original Star Wars Trilogy.
It's An Inspiring Story, And It Inspired Me To Draw.
It Has Taught Me Many Things, And It Taught Me That...
There's Good In Everyone, To Never Give Up, And To Fight For What You Believe In.
Some Of My Favourite Quotes From Star Wars...
"Do or Do Not, There Is No Try." & "May The Force Be With You."

~says Isma



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