TOYSREVIL Reviews: Wizard of Oz - Hello Kitty x McDonalds Plush (Week 1)


Having just blogged about the new Hello Kitty x McDonald's plush promotions starting today May 30th in Singapore, I had to satisfy my curiosity and head on to a local McDees store … and as I walked towards the service counter (which was around the corner but not facing me), I could see a Malay lady taking a snap of her son holding up a box to his face, and I was thinking: "Does this plush promo come in a box, like in Hong Kong and Malaysia?" … and true enough, it was! Frankly I was more blown away with the box packaging than the plush itself!


Week 1 of the promotions sees Hello Kitty wearing a "lion"-suit, in the "Wizard of Ox" - in their "FAIRY TALES" series - also stated on the box holding the plush, which was made to look like a thick book! The flip open "cover" was a swell touch, to reveal the window-display, with Kitty peeking from behind! I am SOLD!

The fact that the entire item comes sealed in a plastic bag was a nice touch already, IMHO.

The thing is, you get to pay SGD$4.60 additional for the plush, but only if you purchase an EXTRA VALUE MEAL, not a "Happy Meal" as you might expect! So I forked out an extra SGD$5.00 more for a double cheese burger, fries and a small soda to score this plush.

Would I be able to stomach 5 more meals (costing nearly $50 more) to be able to secure the entire set? Stay tuned to find out! LOL



MzEaster said…
So what is the bribe needed to get these sent to the states?;)
Anyone out there that could help out MzEaster? :)

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