Castle Greasebat


Shown here is "Castle Greasebat" (aka "Burg Greasebat") - situated near the German/Austrian border, the castle is a Secret base for Mecha Greasebat. Illustrated by Jeffrey Lamm and colored by Matthew Milla - who also mentioned that this would be "used as an insert in an upcoming toy release" - now this would make a spectacular playset to go with the upcoming Mecha Greasebat toy collectible too, innit? Who do we need to lobby to have this made into a three-dimensional scaled playset (that'll make even Skeletor proud)?
"MECHA GREASEBAT (MGB) was developed to battle against Real Fighting Greasebat using secret technology and bio engineered bits of flesh and organs from Greasebat. The castle is manned by a team of scientists, engineers and a pseudo-military force.

MGB is launched via a large compacted spring, once in the air his own rockets take over. The castle houses several auxiliary vehicles for various uses. Crew living quarters are in the base of the castle, the rest contains an armory, operations room and hangars for the different craft."


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