San Diego ComicCon-Exclusive KICK AS 2 Uncensored "R" Rated Figures from NECA


Remember the KICK ASS 2 figures from NECA that debut at ToyFair earlier in the year? Seems there is a scheduled drop for them, specifically at the coming San Diego ComicCon in July (17-21), as SDCC-Exclusives! But before you baulk at the availability, note that the only difference between the SDCC-Editions and mass market versions (due for an August release) is the labeling on the packaging (Most notably "The Mtherf**ker", isn't it? LOL):
"NECA's Kick Ass 2 Series 1 action figures will hit retail shelves this August but they will be branded in a "PG" manner safe for the masses. "KA2" will be the title on the packaging and the character names will be sanitized accordingly - KA and MF'er for example.

However at SDCC you will be able to purchase all three of the Series 1 figures first and most importantly in "R" Rated Uncensored Packaging. Sold as a set of all three individually packaged figures, Kick Ass, Hit Girl and The Motherfucker will be available at the NECA booth for $75 for the set."
"Please note that the actual figures and accessories contained within will be the same as the retail releases, but the "R" Rated Explicit packaging will only be available at SDCC." ~reported Toy News International, who has the scoop (all images via).