Singing Bone Hello Kitty Plush by McDonalds - Will The Toy Battles Ever End?

(Pics from Jonathan Leong, taken around midnight)

Before heading off to bed last night, I saw a slew of snaps from a variety of friends on Facebook, of folks queuing up for the final plush from the HELLO KITTY FAIRYTALE Series promotion from McDonald's, in particular the "Singing Bone", and it was quite a damper to my planned morning McDees breakfast the following day, ironically finding out online they were only available in-store, the next morning as I attempted to order some pancakes to aid in my current diabetes affliction…

(Above snap proudly posted by a flipper on Ebay
Below: $126K auction page)


And from the videos of fights nearly breaking out (must be "guys" acting up some more! LOL), and reports online, seems like my plan for acquiring one for my own collection, seemed indeed bleak, especially when flippers were charging exorbitant prices, and an Ebay auction even ending at SGD$126,000.000 was the cyber-chatter of the day! The Apocalypse has arrived in Singapore, and it's not the HAZE!

I would not have a doubt that folks would be queuing up outdoors with N95 respirator masks, if haze engulfed the environment, for NOTHING can keep Singaporean collectors from their McDees Hello Kitty plush dolls!

Funny, I do not see anyone fighting over N95 Masks they could not get for their families, at the height of the scrambling-frenzy … heh.

(above image via April Koh at "Everyday Heroes" … Plush MINE!)

Thankfully I have an "angel" looking out for me, so I'm good! Nevertheless here are images from 9GAG to tickle your funny bones, since you might not have been able to score a "singing bone" (sorry bad pun, but I can't help it, alright? LOL)

(Above by "LeRandomSingaporean" / Below image by Joshua Chiang)


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