TOYSREVIL-Reviews: "Special Brews Royal Tea" by Lunartik

Had a surprise package come my way out of the blue, a sealed pack of Lunartik's Special Brew greeted me as I promptly opened the pack and recorded it on Vine (thanks to Paulus & Joshua for the suggestions).

The piece came in a complete figure (but you could take it apart in the middle, although I would have no idea why anyone would want to in the first place), showcasing a splendid finishing on this diminutive Mini Cuppa Tea form, with the gold-trim spotlessly clean, as well as the blue-accented prints on the tea cup. Very well worth the £15.00 each, I would insist! Even my dad saw it and told me how immaculate and well done it was too!


Limited to only 200 pieces, mine was hand-numbered 151, with the cup signed by Matt Jones himself (as all 200 cups are), so this is a pretty special brew indeed!

Released during ToyConUK, The Royal Tea is currently available to purchase here (which requires you to have a separate login) … I think, sorry I could not authenticate as I do not have a login! ight well be worth you hunting it down, if you are a fan of Lunartik's, or even not. This is a swell slice of collectible toy, really!