About That "Bone Head" Concept Helmet from Machine56

"to rebuild, you must first destroy", and yes, that's what I do with the helmet at Predator Customs Studio. Please note the colors is temporary. It will be remolded and recast again. Still have to work a lot of detail editing on the outershell parts." ~mentioned Machine56.

Tis been a while since we've heard from Rajaya Yogaswara aka 'Machine56', or rather I've had an opportunity to feature his works - specifically this 'BONE HEAD' helmet project - which I had the opportunity to last see in 2009 (images of the prototype i have since lost…) - now being revved up again! See that helmet in the dude's hand, in the image at the bottom? Now you get the picture! Stay tuned to his Instagram @machine56 and his DeviantART for more vector-awesomeness!

"…this is still a concept work in progress. mixing many parts, it will be very comfy to wear. All outershell parts can be removed. Best thing is, the inside liner and the outershell helmet armor parts are all mixed and made with (bullet proof) kevlar. Again, color is temporary, just for quick sketching the stuff."
"(The) color is temporary. Please don't mind the rusty details, still working on it. The earpiece shell is also temporary. Just wanted to show you that this is what we're working (at the moment). Head size is adjustable. Fixed action shot will be taken next week. Stay tuned for you people who are in the LIST. your wait will be much worth it." ~teased Machine56.

And you know what, folks? It is done! Or rather a DIY-version is completed, and is now in the hands of his fellow MODE FOUR crew-member; The Yellow Dino! Can't wait to see where this goes, people! Having seen the earlier incarnation, it is absolutely 'wicked' and 'sick', and all the awesomeness i dare muster and exclaim over in a single blog-post lol



Anonymous said…
This is awesome, i'd love one of those :)