8-inch Optimus Primes from The Loyal Subjects

Why, if I had me some madtoymoney, I'll be scoring myself an OPTIMUS PRIME (US$55 each) and a DIY PRIME (US$40 each) - both standing 8-inches tall of Transformers-glory! (Hell, I'm waiting for the day when I could for the entire blind boxed 3" mini figure series …)

Wanna see how BIG is 8"? Check out the bottom-right pic where designer is signing the DEAD PRIME (which i also dearly want) at SDCC recently!

Manufactured and Distributed by The Loyal Subjects (Under License from Hasbro, Inc.), both comes packaged in a window box and can be purchased online via www.theloyalsubjects.com!


Stanley said…
We are doing a preorder for The Loyal Subjects' Transformers series if anyone is interested. Check out www.facebook.com/thetoyproject

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