Paul Frank's Julius Toy Art Show @ Toy Art Gallery (Aug 3rd)


Paul Frank collaborates with Sweet Streets and Toy Art Gallery to create a pop-up shop showcasing artist-customized vinyl Julius figurines, and the previews of the pieces so far seen are pretty spectacular, methinks! Here a peek at some swell pieces gracing the TOYSREVIL inbox:

Above "Julius Fabulous" by Leecifer
Above "Mummy Julius" by Plaseebo
Above "Baron von Julius" by Jan Calleja
EVENT PRESS: The show will kick off with a launch event at the Toy Art Gallery on Saturday, August 3 from 7-10 p.m. featuring music by DJ Doll Skills and hot dogs from food truck Let’s be Frank. The customized Julius statues will be available for purchase on site at Toy Art Gallery and at during the event and through the end of the exhibition on August 21. In addition to showcasing the figurines, the gallery will host a Paul Frank Pop-up shop featuring products from featured partners, including clothing from Mighty Fine and Jerry Leigh, electronic accessories from UnCommon, prints from Acme Archives Direct, and figurines from Play Imaginative.
Above L-R: Reactor88, Emilio Garcia, Hiroshi Yoshii, Madoka Kinoshita and UAMOU
Bottom L-R: SKULL TOYS, Sam Gibbons, MARKiii, and Choco Moo
Above-left: TaskOne / Above-right: DrilOne
Bottom-left: Mari Inukai / Bottom-right: Jay222
Above-left: Mizna Wada / Above-right: Oliver Hibert
Bottom-left: Jaime Zacarias aka Germs / Bottom-right: Timothy Clarke
Above: Max Sanders (The Soft Museum)
Bottom-left: Cope2 / Bottom-right: Onch Movement
Above-left: Shane Haddy of Hints and Spices /
Above-center: topheroy / Above-right: Tanguy Marion
Bottom-left: Ciou / Bottom-right: Autumn Dawn (The Soft Museum)
PRESS CONTINUED: 'Curated by Sweet Streets, the Paul Frank art exhibition will highlight more than 50 innovative and unique artists and designers from around the world who have created one-of-a-kind painted Julius vinyl figures, provided by Paul Frank’s licensee, Play Imaginative.'
The Julius Custom Toy Art Show will feature art from: Abe Lincoln Jr, Andrea Kang, Anthony Ausgang, Bei Badgirl, Boris Hoppek, Brandi Milne, Carson Catlin, Chikuwaemil, Choco Moo, Ciou, Cope2, Diavu, Hiroshi Yoshii, Ian Ziobrowski, Imaitoonz, Indie 184, Jon Knox, Julie West, Karen Chau, MAD BARBARIANS, Madoka Kinoshita, Mari Inukai, MARKiii, Mayumi Inoha, Mizna Wada, Nathan Hamill, Oliver Hibert, Onch Movement, Reactor88, Sam Gibbons, Scott Tolleson, Topheroy, Uamou, Aeron Alfrey, Bob Conge, Brent Nolasco, Cris Rose, Dave Bondi, DrilOne, Dustin Martin, Emilio Garcia, FFInc., Frank Kozik, GERMS, Hints & Spices, Jan Calleja, Jason Freeny, Jay222, Jermaine Rogers, Jim Koch, Kenth Toy Works, KMNDZ, Leecifer, Martin Ontiveros, Nakanari, Naoto Hattori, Nebulon 5, Rotobox, Skull Toys, Tan-Ki, Task One, Tim Clarke and Yosuke Imai.
Above-left: MARKiii / Above-right: Andrea Kang
Bottom-left: Mayumi Inoha / Bottom-right: Chikuwaemil
Above: Sam Gibbons

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