Versus: Munky King's 6th Annual SDCC Party & Art Battle @ BASIC urban bar + kitchen

Held during the San Diego Comic Con period was The VERSUS art battle from Munky King @ BASIC urban kitchen + bar - which essentially saw a rousing party with "live" art perpetrated by 6 teams of artists, with the championship belts (literally) up for grabs for the final team of 2 artists to walk away with!

Featuring the skills of Martin Hsu/Jeremiah Ketner, Jerome Lu/ PodgyPanda, Angry Woebots/Dez Einswell, GMONIK/Jorge Gutierrez, Food One/Mike Huddleston, Deph/Rocom = view thru the video to see who won (if you do not know already ;p). And check out still images of the event posted here on Facebook!


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