Toy-Review & Introduction to CE x PARADOX

MAFIA Factory has just released CE x PARADOX = a collaboration with pop rock band "Paradox" and their label GENIE Records, the result being a CE Figurine possessing multiple faces, with 4 basic figures to collect. CE x PARADOX are currently sold via, each priced @ THB 150 (excludes S&H).

CE x PARADOX was developed from PUCK, one of Thailand's famous comic artist, who illustrated and designed these CE inspired by 4 x members of PARADOX.

[Above "Monster" designs / More images viewable on my Facebook album]

CE x PARADOX are released in 4 colors: Yellow (300 pcs), Black (300 pcs), Pink (200 pcs) and Red (300 pcs). Each toy has 2 member faces with the inner head + Joker face on the back of the helmet with 4 hidden different monster faces. Each toy comes with 2 different exclusive edition song in mini music CDs - which are never released anywhere else.

Thanks to Napat at MAFIA Factory and GENIE Records, I have a sole piece to own (but alas, without the CD haha) and reviewed below. Nevertheless, here's their latest music video to listen to, as I do a quick visual review of the toy!

The figure I received was a red edition, with the 3.5" tall figure featuring a swivel / turnable head within the helmet - as with all CE figures are - and featuring decent graphic prints on the ABs-figure's surface.

The designs are perhaps more suited to promote the band themselves, rather than a purely design sensibility to cater to either the mass nor art-toy-niche consumer, except for the "monster" designs (seen up top), which frankly provides a more "interesting" visual aesthetic, IMHO. But then again, "colors" do play heavily into this notion, with the Black and Yellow pieces shining thru. What do you think, folks?

In addition, MAFIA Factory still also be producing 2 x Big Boy CE (Pink & Yellow) for promotional purposes, with both 2 meters tall sculpts to be installations in front of GMM building on Sukhumwit road.