"A Lame Time Ago…" by PocketWookie

Ever since we last posted Peter Morris aka PocketWookie's fabulistic DROID HUSTLER design (for TOYSREVIL annual's #DrawAJawa - the design of which had since been made into a tee with OUTSMART), the gentleman from Lincoln, Nebraska has since been producing even more imagery from the Star Wars creature characters, in a series titled: "A LAME TIME AGO…"!

Currently showcasing the bounty hunter, rebels and critters furry and hooded, how would YOU want them to be produced as? Portfolio Prints? Trading cards? Postcards? Giant-sized Stickers? Check out my lil'Q&A with the artist Peter (posted below), and you can peep the individual images on his Facebook album, and stay tuned to find out what will happen to them for 2014!

TOYSREVIL: What is the genesis of this series? And who is your favorite character so far?

POCKETWOOKIE: The series came from that original Jawa illustration I did for you. The "Droid Hustler." I came back to that artwork a few weeks ago and thought it might be fun to try adapting more creature characters to that style.

I try to put things in the illustrations that tie back to something Star Wars related as well. So the skateboard is based on an old school deck design that I changed to portray kit fisto, the red bull cans are red suns, etc.

My favorite so far is the Walrus Man. I made him a guitarist for the band "12 system death sentence." I like to imagine there was a miscommunication at the cantina that cost him the ability to perform with his band.

TOYSREVIL: What are your intentions / plans for these illustrations? And can we expect more characters depicted than these 6 featured so far?

POCKETWOOKIE: I'll probably do a limited number of prints. I tried making the droid hustler a widely available print, but I got a "cease and desist" pretty quickly. So in order to avoid those sort of complications I'll keep the numbers low and try to stay under the radar

There will be at least 6 more characters. Unless something else pops into my head as I'm working on them. I'll be sure to get you the information when they're ready.


pocketwookie said…
Thanks for the hype, sir!