Paul Shih Answers "How Was 2013?"

WHAT: I asked a select few folks how their 2013 was, and what should folks expect from them in 2014, and this is what they shared with TOYSREVIL…

New Zealand-based designer/creator Paul Shih has a pretty distinctive style of "cuteness", in the Sea of Kawaiiness prevailing in the world today, and I am a fan of his work, even having two of his resin toys as my STGCC booth-exclusives in 2012! Today we hear/read what Paul has been doing in 2013, and what he has lined-up for 2014!

[Click above pic to read up about Paul's "Master Bing The Fortune Teller" #onTOYSREVIL]

PAUL SHIH: 2013 was a slow slow year for me, with the only toy material supplier in NZ suddenly gone out of business, forced me to cancel all my toy projects, and question myself about the future, the future without toys, it would be a total nightmare!

Luckily a local art supply is interested in picking up the role of importing toy materials, so I should be able to get back to what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years, TOY MAKING!

PAUL SHIH: 2014, I’m looking to expand my characters into a new dimension. I’ve done 2D paintings and physical 3D figures in the past, and this year I’d like to see my characters in video games!

Its something I’ve been quietly working during my ‘toy break’ last year, my first game “Doo Doo Diving” (Facebook) will drop on January 16, so yeah, it should be a exciting year, expect more games and toys from me this year :)