Introducing 'Toonstars Toys' from Apologies To Banksy

Apologies To Banksy goes beyond their Banksy-themed toys to present: "Toonstar Toys" - featuring "iconic celebrity cartoon caricatures" - seen in these images of prototypes, in a delightful trip down memory lane! Expect a Kickstarter campaign to be launched soon, to raise funds to develop these awesome figures!

"We have secured a license with a UK company called Toonstar to produce a range of vinyl toys based on iconic celebrity cartoon caricatures. The caricatures are designed in house and are licensed on cigarette lighters, back to school gear, posters and apparel their primary market." -shared David of ATB.

From classic movie and television characters such as Ghostbusters, Miami Vice, Magnum P.I., A-Team, Austin Powers and Dr Evil … and hey, is that Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson? Modern characters such as "Heisenberg" from "Breaking Bad" are not left out too! And these are "humanoid" characters ... imagine if licenses like "Thundercats" ever get made, hooo-boy! But check out the 'disclaimer' below that comes with this news ... Nevertheless, should be interesting to see the development on these :)

Disclaimer: TOONSTAR® products are original cartoon caricatures. They are not licensed, endorsed by or in any way associated with the subject of the caricature. NOT OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE.
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