THREEZERO to make Go Nagai's "Aphrodite A"

Go Nagai's "Aphrodite A" is to get the toy-treatment from THREEZERO - as a redesign ala Mazinger-Z! Check out these 3-D model renders (via the FB):

WHO-IS: "Aphrodite A (アフロダイA Afurodai Ēsu?) is a robot was created by Dr. Yumi (Dr. Kabuto's apprentice) and since it was originally built for peaceful uses at first it didn't feature any weapons; eventually it acquires the ability to fire missiles from its chest, this was called the Oppai Missile System (Oppai is a Japanese slang term for breasts). Aphrodite was the first female mecha to have this kind of weapon.

Despite the fact it was made of the same alloy as Mazinger (Chogokin or Super-Alloy Z) it usually suffers substantially greater damage from attacks. Regardless of these shortcomings, in several opportunities she provides help in battle, and even destroys three Mechanical Beasts in the anime, Gumbina M5, (Chapter 49), Yubrin T9 (Chapter 56), and Giant F3 (Chapter 58). Her missiles also cause the unintentional destruction of Minerva X"


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