#DailyDoodlers On TOYSREVIL: Clarabelle Chong #bandofdoodlers #bodindetention

WHAT: In anticipation of their first group exhibition "Detention Class" at Detention Barracks on July 11th, TOYSREVIL will spotlight artists from Band of Doodlers in this #DailyDoodlers blog-feature, with a lil'Q&A and doodles! Enjoy the read and RSVP on the Events Facebook Page!

TOYSREVIL: Please share with everyone reading; what is your doodling-nick, and who are you? And why do you do the things you do?
CLARABELLE CHONG: Hi! I'm Clarabelle Chong, but most people call me Belle. I'm an illustrator and visual development artist.

I draw because it's liberating and therapeutic. It's meditative to focus on an activity that relaxes the mind. For me that activity is drawing and painting.

You can view more of my work at www.clarabellechong.com and on my blog at clarabellechong.wordpress.com. You can also follow me on my spanking new instagram account @clarabellechong

(Title: At Mimir's Well)

TOYSREVIL: What is your dayjob? And why do you love to doodle? And what do you love to doodle?
CLARABELLE CHONG: I'm currently a concept artist intern at Omens Studio and I'm also a freelance script writer for Television.

At this point in time, I enjoy character design the most. The most fruitful sketchbook time of the day is spent on the commute observing people go about their daily lives and making a quick and ugly drawing. Then I try to apply those quirks I observed into the characters I create. To create characters, I use alot of references, primarily photographs. Then I copy those photographs, tweak them and play around with shapes before I create something original

Recently, I've been designing a lot of props which is really fun too. It's really challenging to give personality to inanimate objects.

(Title: Sketchbook Characters)

TOYSREVIL: Which is the character you would most want to doodle, but have not yet? And why?
CLARABELLE CHONG: Actually, I really want to finish doodling a series of Lord of the Rings characters. I love fantasy based novels and RPGs, and the Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite stories.

So far these characters are all I have, I definitely want to set aside the time needed to get back to this when other project deadlines have been met.

Title: Lord of the Rings Characters

TOYSREVIL: What did you do wrong, to be sent to "Detention Class"? And what can we expect to see from you in "Detention Class"?
CLARABELLE CHONG: I got sent to Detention Class because I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Boo! These hoodlums coerced me to draw every moment of everyday and ignore proper responsibilities! And this is the punishment I get for hanging out with bad influence.

Anyway, you can expect to see my Adam West as Batman inspired piece along side many great pieces of art done by fellow Band of Doodlers at the Detention Barracks!

(Title: TV Knight)