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WHAT: In anticipation of their first group exhibition "Detention Class" at Detention Barracks on July 11th, TOYSREVIL will spotlight artists from Band of Doodlers in this #DailyDoodlers blog-feature, with a lil'Q&A and doodles! Enjoy the read and RSVP on the Events Facebook Page!

TOYSREVIL: Please share with everyone reading; what is your doodling-nick, and who are you? And why do you do the things you do?
DHAN / WalgDP: My name is Dhanendra, Dhan for short or some may know me as WalgDP. Im an Indonesian living in the sunny Singapore. My inspiration comes from movies, cartoons, comic books and video games.

Some of the styling of my artworks came out accidentally when I was just doodling something random or when I did a mistake but ended up liking that mistake and work on it. Below is one of them. I tried out using textures and layers during my final year animation project and I realize this technique of illustration after my photoshop crashed…

You can check more of my works at walgwalked.blogspot.com or just follow my photo and art adventures at @walgdp on Instragram!

TOYSREVIL: What is your dayjob? And why do you love to doodle? And what do you love to doodle?
DHAN / WalgDP: Well, besides a hobby, doodling and sketching random stuff is one of the best way to procrastinate, and eventually those doodles can give me more ideas that be used for my school-related works.
When I doodle, I like to test out patterns and textures on my characters or to some famous characters too.

I recently bought some colored ballpoint pens and colored ink pens and with that, I try to expand my hand drawn illustrations with more colors, since I usually only use black pens, markers or just pencil.

(Dhan/ WalgDP: One of the “tests” with the ballpoint pens)

TOYSREVIL: Which is the character you would most want to doodle, but have not yet? And why?
DHAN / WalgDP: I currently trying to draw more flowers, since the petals is like the layers, which I really like… but I haven’t try to use this flowers as patterns on a character before though, probably because there’s no inspiration that strikes me to use them just yet, haha.

TOYSREVIL: What did you do wrong, to be sent to "Detention Class"? And what can we expect to see from you in "Detention Class"?
DHAN / WalgDP: Because we are bandit and always try to draw in any legal (or maybe illegal? haha) space available. Being sent to the Detention Class is one awesome experience, especially when you meet more artist that have a completely different art styles and when we all do a collaboration piece together, it creates something amazing.
Every artists that were involved with this event are unique in their own way and by meeting and drawing with them is really an awesome experience and also it expands my inspiration and hopefully your inspiration too :D

Artist Info
Name: Dhan / WalgDP
Web: walgwalked.blogspot.com
Email: walgdp@yahoo.com
Instragram: @walgdp


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