Guardians of the Galaxy: 1/6 Star-Lord by Hot Toys

Hot Toys unveils their Guardians of the Galaxy: 1/6th scale Star-Lord Collectible Figure (teased earlier), and blurs out "Peter Quill's" face-sculpt? LOL

With Head Sculpted by Yong Kyum, Kim / Head Painted by JC. Hong / Head Art Directed by Kojun, expect a Q1 – Q2, 2015 release. Hopefully by then we'll get to see the reveal of the headsculpt hahaha … okay okay fine, maybe at least pass the movie's premiere come August 1st 2014 haha ;p

Pre-orders begin at Ani-Com, and will include a 1/6th scale The Orb and a pair of handcuff as bonus accessories. That's pretty sweet tho. Hong Kong customers are to check out this lengthy set of instructions to lay your hands on this, and/or Marty McFly and Diecast Iron Man Mark 3. No prices mentioned tho...

Check out more images I've since uploaded HERE on my FB.

HOT TOYS PRESS: "“Star-Lord, man. Legendary outlaw.” Born on Earth but drawn to the stars, Peter Quill became the interstellar adventurer known as Star-Lord. In the upcoming Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord must rally an unlikely team of interstellar misfits for an all-or-nothing attempt to protect the cosmos from forces of evil and destruction. In anticipation to this refreshing and action packed superhero film to hit theatres worldwide, Hot Toys is delighted to present the 1/6th scale Star-Lord Collectible Figure!

The movie-accurate Star-Lord collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in the movie, featuring the newly developed head sculpt, an interchangeable LED light-up masked head sculpt, highly detailed costume, weapons and accessories. "