"Mac & Me" by Falcon Toys for Bottleneck Gallery (July 11 Sale)

Releasing Friday, July 11th at 12pm Eastern via bottleneckgallery.com is Falcon Toys' "MAC & ME"! A homage to Spielberg's "E.T.", each 3" tall resin piece comes blister-packed and will be priced at US$65 per, in an edition of 15pcs.

Oddly hilarious … looks like it's just about time to PHONE HOME, people! LOL

Source: Bottleneck Gallery Press


Rob Paige said…
Burn the fucking lot of 'em and save me the job of tracking them down and destroying them myself.

Three is no reason on Earth that this travesty of film-making should be celebrated, it being the worst and most blatant exercises in product placement-as-plot-point bullshit ever committed to celluloid.

And look at the face of the fucking thing - it looks like Dobby's eager-mouthed sex-toy!
I couldn't place the familiarity of the "Dobby" face until you mentioned it @Rob Paige hahahaha thanks for solving the mystery for me! :)

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