Artist BASCHZfrom Rotterdam, the Netherlands, shares with us a look at his "MFMARKER Chalk Tagger", to which he explains to be:
"MFMARKER (My First Marker) is a chalk tagger, meaning it is entirely made out of chalk and shaped like a big fat marker. It safely introduces little kids to art of vandalism, as in the end, it is just a piece of chalk. The label and logos on the marker are all embossed in a relief on the piece itself, so it really is 100% a piece of chalk. It is both a cool collectors mantlepiece sculpture as well as a great gift for young parents."

Priced at €15 (ex. shipping & handling), the MFMARKER is handmade and signed by Baschz in limited numbers and available directly from the artist via Sounds fun, IMHO! And for a sheer amateur like myself (hell I've never even spit a drop off paint on walls lol), this looks to be swell boon to play with hahahaha …. now where can we get more colors, BASCHZ? :)
MORE: "The original MFMARKER design by Baschz is from 2004 and has so far only been made in very limited numbers and sold at several exhibitions over the years. The new 2014 version features the original white chalk tagger and comes packed in a blackboard tube container, with a mimeograph info leaflet and sticker."
"I am currently looking to partner up with interested manufacturers to do bigger, both in size and material (think 8” unglazed or partly glazed so it still works, porcelain limited edition pieces), as well as in numbers (think mass production cheaper sets of different colors and/or shapes). There are enough characteristic marker shapes to create a whole series of MFMARKERS from. A Limited Edition Drip Boxxx Set of 50 pcs (sold out) is one of the earlier things I’ve released. If you or anybody you know are interested in working with me on the next step for the MFMARKERS, please send me an email on Thanks!"


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  3. now also available at me just-opened webshop:


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