Mike McMahon JUDGE DREDD Figure from Unbox Industries

UNBOX-PRESS: "Unbox Industries are proud to announce their latest collaboration with the legendary 2000AD...JUDGE DREDD! The Unbox team are lifelong 2000AD fans and wanted to pay tribute to Mike McMahon's incredible evolution of Dredd.

Their goal was evoke the more stylised interpretation that has developed in recent years, Mcmahon himself has reviewed and approved the iteration sculpted and developed by the Unbox Digital team.

Now Tharg has given his blessing, Unbox will begin to prepare the prototype figure which will be displayed on the 2000AD stand at events later this year."

To be released as a 24cm tall soft vinyl figurine, here's a look at further WPs via IG @unboxindustries - check out that old-school comicbook "Lawgiver" and that massive "eagle" shoulder-guard! Brining a man-tear to my nostalgic and formative yesteryears collecting weekly 2000 A.D. comics from thy neighborhood vendors back in the 90s … *sigh*

(Thanks for the awesomeness, Dan!)


  1. Its Ian Gibson style Judge Dredd, not Mike McMahon, nothing like Mikes style. Poor research before production.


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