'Steamy Chums' Designer Toys Now On Kickstarter

"What would we do if animals went extinct? We'd create adorable, nostalgic mechanical pets." - Currently on Kickstarter is a project to fund the production of handcrafted limited-edition steampunk Art-Toys made in The Netherlands. "Our designer toys are a beautiful design object, and at the same time they want to create awareness on the risk of losing wildlife because of human activity."

Created by Mira Conci, STEAMY CHUMS features a menagerie of characters populating the story concept, with SLOTH and FOX the first two getting the toy-treatment! Other/subsequent characters include "Dragons to Krakens, Penguins to Rhinos" … I'd imagine a gigantic steampunk ark of a factory making these critters! Check out the Kickstarter page for oodles more images of the lovable pair in a variety of design treatments: "Steampunk", "Pop", "D.I.Y." and "Wood".

Being a fan of the Steampunk aesthetic, and an obvious convert of animal-cuteness, THIS is such a treat to behold! Make this project happen, folks!

STEAMY CHUMS STORY: "After everything was lost, and nothing remained but fire and ashes, the last of mankind gathered in Camps among the ruins. They soon realized that all other creatures were extinct, forever lost.

With the bittersweet hope of survivors, adventurers from every Camp set out to explore the surrounding wastelands on a quest for tales, drawings, journals; any trace that would help them keep the memory of the World Before from the shadows of oblivion.

The Camps are now committed to the task of rebuilding life, their laboratories burst with activity as marvelous steam-powered machines take shape from the images of bygone animals. They create mechanical pets which embody soft memories of a fading past… of their lost friends. They create Steamy Chums."