Star Wars Chubby Series 1 from Unbox Industries available now via

Ben Fowler from The Fowndry sends exciting word that the STAR WARS CHUBBY SERIES 1 has been launched an made available online via! Priced at £19.99 per set of 3 figures, there are 4 sets to choose from: Boba Fett (+Bossk & Zuckuss), C-3PO (+R2-D2 & Jawa), Yoda (+Mace Windu & Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Chewbacca (+Han Solo & Greedo) - with the largest doll measuring approximately 9cm in height.

The original series was released from Hot Toys back in 2008. Unbox Industries have since revived them, featuring the designs of TADO! TOYSREVIL has chased the development of these figures for quite sometime now - CLICK HERE to read all my coverage!

PRODUCT PRESS: "Star Wars Chubby Series 1 is a modern twist on the classic Matryoshka (nesting) doll. Officially licensed Star Wars collectibles, they’re officially our new favourite desk toy.

We’ve often thought we have a little Jedi inside of us. But it’s certainly the case for Star Wars Chubbies. Some of them, anyway. Like a traditional Matryoshka doll (only more awesome), each set of these officially licensed Star Wars collectibles stacks one inside the other. Perfect for playtime in tight spaces and geeking out on the move. Start your collection now, because Series 2 isn’t far, far away... "


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