"The Tales of the Amazing Homegrowns" from Alex The Fshizz x Gizmo

Alexander Gürlich AKA the Fshizz shares with us words and snaps of "The Tales of the Amazing Homegrowns" - a one-day only exhibition in collaboration with Gizmo (AKA Rapper "LA 4") in the Pop up store gallery Popupstore.cz, of which we have images to share here, and more here on my dedicated FB album.

The images are of Alex's story of "The Urms" and of his multiple of creature creations, alongside the paintings by Gizmo. You can read further details of the stories on fshizz.blogspot.cz :)

(Art by Gizmo)
"We as being a bit of sitting-on-the-couch guys and that's where most of our stuff comes into existence. We called it The Tales of the Amazing Homegrowns (smoking is as well a part of the meaning :D).

There were (approx) 250 people at the exhibition including oldschool writers, hip hop DJ's, (and) as well my family colleagues and a few homeless people who were happy to eat and drink wine and see something nicer than just the cold street. "
-shares Alex about the event.