Step-by-Step Making Of 20" F.A.D. Dunny by J*RYU

J*RYU has been walking folks thru his custom progress on a 20" F.A.D. Dunny (for an "upcoming show") - on his Instagram @sniperjryu, that is definitely worth a look-n-learn and welcomed, especially in this climate, IMHO.

"This is only the second time I've worked on a 20" dunny, maybe the last." -added Jryu, with his first Mega Dunny done for FANG TO FUR in 2012, methinks? Love it that J*RYU is manifest=ing his "cancelled" AOS 3" Dunny design unto a 20-incher now tho! *AWESOME*

UPDATED: Finished Custom!

UPDATE: The "upcoming show" in question is the DTA DUNNY SHOW @ The Clutter Gallery in Beacon, New York (Jan 10-Feb 6), done "in association with Kidrobot and all of Clutter's and Kidrobot's profit from the event will be used to help support the Designer Toy Awards." Here's a tentative flyer image to gawk at (Thanks for the headsup Nick):

A photo posted by J★RYU (@jryuart) on


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