TOYSREVIL's Sunday Toys Feature (Dec 29th 2014 Edition)

For a short awhile now, I have been attempting to feature upcoming toys, prototypes of toys, and generally swell designed stuff and graphics in this weekly Sunday Feature, with this particular post being the last one for 2014. Enjoy and get yourselves psyched up for what to spend on in 2015! LOL

Sometime next week I'll be meeting up with a friend who managed to make a trip to Toy Soul 2014, and helped me to score a Prodip Leung-designed KIEFER! And as excited as I am, I caught a glimpse of this image featured above, and wondered if they are/will be variants to be released, or just plain teasing my desires LOL

Unbox Industries has acquired the license to produce soft vinyl figure series based on the classic Space Adventurer COBRA! Scheduled for release in 2015.

Presenting Necrolossus! sculpted & designed by Jimmy Rommel aka Ironhaus Productions. Arriving in 2015 from Unbox Industries.

LeSportsac's PALETTE leopard mascot character is set to ecome a vinyl toy from tokidoki come 2015.

New EVA MiniCel from Kuso Vinyl, featuring designs by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomic, which would make perfect companions to their earlier released "Neon Genetic Minicel test type 001" purple colorway figure. "Gold" guns FTW too LOL

A sample of New Zealand-based artist T-Wei's PUGLIFE from Mighty Jaxx, who is asking if this should be single colored or full painted? Here's a look at another angle in my earlier blogpost.

With images of the figure's WIPs previously featured/teased, today we have a "name" to go with the 1/6th-scaled figure from Abell Octovan: "THE LAST WARRIOR". Produced by MyRoyalEgo, and limited to only 12pcs, expect a release in 2015.

Prototypes of new MINI MISCREANTS gacha series by Jeremi Rimel @miscreationtoys and to be produced by Toy Art Gallery. Teased here are characters "SKULLEN", "GOOB" and "DEMONSTE".

Remember my earlier teaser for SQUADT.50 mini figures from Ferg? Expect more of his toy-"friends" to be unleashed in January 2015 via, and I am excited, I admit!