Tamashii Nations Movie Realization - Ashigaru Stormtrooper from Bandai

And while I'd missed out featuring the Samurai General Darth Vader (designed by Art of Takayuki Takeya) when it was timely (check out Don Kratzer's article on Tokyo Toy Fair 2014), here's a look at the (Movie Realization) ASHIGARU STORMTROOPER - currently open for purchase order from The Toy Project for SGD$120 (Preorder closing on Jan 14). The Japanese SRP is 8,424 YEN.

Released by Bandai and presented by Tamashii Nations, the 17cm tall articulated figure has an estimated release date in May 2015. ANd you KNOW you need TWO of them to flank your Vader, right? RIGHT? :p

PRESS: "After Samurai Darth Vader, Ashigaru Storm Trooper will have a Storm Trooper designed after an Ashigaru, Japanese name for foot solider. The figure is inspired by traditional Japanese warrior, and equipped with a katana and matchlock."
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