TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Toys For 2014 - #3: Attack On Titan Nendoroids

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My current fav anime had led me to numerous incarnations of the story's characters, chief of which started with Colossal Titan, of which I had been obsessed with collecting for quite some time (since the Nendoroid from 2013's Top Ten List) - from gashapons to vinyl statues - and currently leading the charge are Good Smile Co's Nendoroids! From the Survey Corps to Garrison Regiment - Eren, Mikasa and Captain Levi are on hand!

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I simply LOVE the Super-Deformed/Chibi character design of the characters - a hallmark of Japanese design since cemented in my heart of toy-loves - and these figures have it in spades, especially with the multiple interchangeable faces - GREAT for play and posing (although I seriously struggled with putting on the accessories while doing this shoot LOL - Stroke-affected fingers and eye-sight, I insist :p).

I'd go in-depth in a separate toy-review in time to come, meanwhile, enjoy MORE images since uploaded HERE in my dedicated FB-album!

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This is one prime example of my love for an anime leading to the toys, and one of the basic unspoken principles of the TOYSREVIL-blog and of my own geekdom: the connection between toys, comics and media - which includes anime and feature films! (I would include "video-game" adaptations, but I do not play them myself, so anything else about it would be considered only "news" :p).

TOY DISCLAIMER: No "Armin" at the moment, and no tangible plans to have him as yet join the collection :p … and although Figmas would be great and perfect as a representation of the anime/manga's action, but alas starting another series will break my back for now ...

NOT "Nendoroids", but my love for AOT Toys continues... :p