Toy Review: C.I.Boys GO x ITRANGERS Lab

I've always had a fascination with C.I.Boys (Tagged on TOYSREVIL / www), used to be a mild obsession but since dissipated into the winds, interest replaced by the pretty colors of other platform toys, like BE@RBRICKS, Dunnys etc lol

Thru the years, I'd only managed to snag a scant few pieces, like their "Super Hero" Series and Destroyers, and always on the cheap at discounted prices (*cough*) … and I added one to my small collection just yesterday. The C.I.BOYS GO x ITRANGERS Lab figure, with this a Singapore Edition (as seen from the marking printed on the leg of the figure). Here are a few snap-shots and words to share & sell:

The open flap window box design is different from the ones I googled online, no doubt this being the SG Edition, versus the purple-hue boxes seen on online auctions. And while the box integrity remains near-mint, the yellow stains within the white surface shows it's aged state, although not it's actual "age", as no markings stating the date of production was to be found. Online auctions states the purple-boxed ones to be released circa 2002, so I reckon this SG Edition to be around then?

The box set contained A GO plastic figure, with limited articulation and a head with a ball-n-socket joint easily popped open, perhaps to fit the googles with color tinted lens, of which 3 colors come with the set. The toy itself remained intact, the colors neither tarnished nor faded (that I could see anyways).

In addition, there are accessories like a handphone strap (with a miniature C.I.Boy head at the end) and keychain charms (shared like "handphones"?). No doubt one of this piece will go to my 1/6th-scale action figure guys/gal LOL

With an earlier SRP of SG$59.90 tagged on the box, I have a couple available for sale, with a much reduced price-point (the piece reviewed here is for me to keep, fhanks heehee). Interested folks are to email me direct at toysreviler [at] gmail [dot] com for pricing and enquiries. Overseas Sales only (no local / Singapore sales), remember to let me know your destination, so I can advise on shipping costs. Payment via Paypal only. No Reservations, thanks.

Have a Toy-Ful Day, folks!

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