A Closer Look at Ario Anindito's Sketchbook Launched at #STGCC2015

Ario Anindito is an Indonesia-based illustrator whose recent comicbook resume include work for Secret Wars "House of M" (Issues #3 and #4), and "Wolverines" (Issue #12 and #16) for MARVEL, and "Red Hood and the Outlaws" (Issues #11 and #12) for DC Comics in 2012, on top of his own art, which can be seen on his arioanindito.daportfolio.com and DeviantART (and you can purchase some posters online here too!).

He was boothing at the recently ended Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention with his "Pasar Gambar" comrades / collective, and debuted his first ever sketchbook (Blogged), for which I am featuring here today, including some page snaps :)

Featuring over 40 pages of character drawings - of both fanart and self-created concepts - we've seen most of them in color before, but the represented here in inked black & white, put a smile on my face, it did :)

Price per sketchbook is SGD$25 per, excluding shipping costs (for more than a single purchase, it'll be SG$18 - so "group buys" would work out swell, methinks!). Folk s interested are to email lighterheaven [at] yahoo.com, or contact/PM him via his Facebook. Payment via Paypal.

And yes, there are blank covers too! Folks want to commission a sketch are to email for details as well (for price and delivery schedules etc).

Ario had also mentioned he had helped Erick Sosa in designing the Brown Wolverine Kotobukiya statue even before he'd worked on "Wolverines" comicbook, so that might be a premonition! Let's add to Ario's already splendid skills-set: "Able to see premonitions" and "almost perfect roundhouse kick"! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA