A Closer Look at #LunarCreep by Daniel Yu

Something mysterious in the lunar atmosphere, sucking out the life forces of those who breathe in the breathless void, a vacuum of dark secrets whispering into the ears of the unfortunate, of those who had lost their way … and their oxygen helmet domes …

Miss scoring the painted LUNAR CREEP at STGCC was a toy-ache, but being able to procure this mixed color edition from Daniel Yu, is ever the delightful score, hell, it had been a wonderful score!

Debuted at the 2015 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention, this newly designed + sculpted + resin-casted figure from Daniel is unpainted and shown in it's original resin colors. The sculpt is simply amazing, and you need to hold it in your own hands to see the details that might get lost in online pictures such as mine :p

Folks interested to score your own in-articulated Lunar Creep is to stake out Daniel's Instagram @thedanielyu and his Twitter @the_daniel_yu to see updates on online drop details!

Next stop? Taipei Toy Festival, where Daniel will also be exhibiting his awesomeness under the Genesis4 banner. I will be featuring his STGCC table display soon, meanwhile, MORE snaps of Lunar Creep!

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on