Adam Hughes' Limited Edition Captain Marvel Print & Original Art for #STGCC2015

Event Invited Guest Adam Hughes will be releasing a limited edition print at next weekend's Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con - with this splendid visage of CAPTAIN MARVEL limited to only 200 prints (No price revealed as yet), available via his booth (Cheers for the headsup, Morrison!), to which this was mentioned on his Facebook:
"… (We will) sell half of the exclusive prints on Saturday, and save half to sell on Sunday. That way we won't sell out before people who can only attend the show on Sunday have a chance to get there."

"Great news- we'll have a total of twenty pieces of original artwork with us for sale- they are the covers to:

X-Men #600
A-Force Hip Hop variant
Will Raid Tombs for Food sketchbook cover
Barb Wire #1, #4, #5, and #6
Fairest #20, #29, #30, and #32
Death of Archie variant
Big Trouble in Little China variant
Miracleman #12 featuring Miraclewoman
…as well as 7 pieces of non-cover artwork.

Prices on the covers will range from USD $2,000/SGD 2,850 to USD $12,000/SGD 17,100. If you are interested in anything listed, you can see the prices in US dollars listed in our online gallery. These prices are ONLY for STGCC. I will not be able to send scans or line art images. Many of the pieces listed can be seen on our website here.

The non-cover art that we will have I won't be able to send images of; so please come by our booth at STGCC for more information."