ALERT: Huck Gee's Skullhead Blanks Stolen at #STGCC2015 Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention

Huck Gee was an Invited Pop Culture Personality / Guest at the recently concluded Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center over the weekend (Sept 12-13), with his own booth showcasing a trio of his SKULLHEAD BLANKS resin figures (Pic snapped above on Saturday) … but things turned unpleasant the next day - His Blanks Were Stolen.

And while I am awaiting a reply on exact details and situations, know that folks are to be on the lookout for these figures to hit the market in anyway, and know that they have not yet been released into the wild officially, and these would more likely be stolen works.

Pisses me off even more that this had to happen in my own country, in our own convention. The SG toy collecting community is not as huge as folks might think, so if the perp is within the community, we'll find out soon enough, hopefully ... unless the schmuck is out to have fun and have zero clue what he/she nicked? Then the POX be on them!

Heads will roll.

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(Thanks for the headsup @vinyl_artnotatoy)