Ancient Dream + Sleepwalker Nimbus by Kurobokan for Taipei Toy Festival #TTF2015

Since the announcement of their vinyl version of Paulus Hyu's Daydream Nimbus for Taipei Toy Festival, more reveals of editions and collectibles for you to spend cashmoney on! And while there's no specific COST revealed for the subsequent items, get ready your spending monies nevertheless!

"Dream is the beginning of all magic. But dream will become a trap if you only stunned by the unlimited fantasy. Do not let your dreams die trapped in a utopia and becoming a mere "Ancient Dream""
Self-styled "pervert artist" from Indonesia known as mrkumkum collaborates with Paulus Hyu for a luxe limited edition series featuring hand-painted editions in a run of only 15pcs, with exclusive wooden packaging & acrylic! Dubbed "Anciet Dream", the customs feature mrkumkum's "signature" gold skeletonal design motifs on black base.

Two editions of Paulus Hyu's Sleepwalker (Nimbus) will be made available at TTF as well, with a unpainted BLACK version and an unpainted CLEAR Version - both of whom are limited to only 20pcs worldwide each version. I've had a chance to grab at the Black French bulldog vinyl at STGCC (courtesy of Joshua), and I'll say you folks had better not miss out on this! AND as well it would def rock my toy-shelf! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

Stay tuned to Instagram @kurobokan for updates, people!