#BatmanDay 2015

So what did you do on #BatmanDay?

I (partially) marathoned Christopher Nolan's Batman/Dark Knight films (on local Cable), while falling asleep during the animated "Batman: Year One" … and that's about it really … I don't own a whole lot of Batman toys tho, but I enjoyed what THESE folks offered online for peeks and grabs!

BATMAN customized from an Android by Iskandhar Sharhil featured here in Battle Damaged Armor (as seen in the Batman v Superman trailer), is simply awesome! He has a couple of customs available to purchase online here too … this is MINE tho, and you cant have this! LOL

Leecifer customs a Batman Family of do-gooders, AND heats things up with a Batman x Stormtrooper mashup of galactic proportions! Stay connected to his work on IG @leecifer1 :)

Liz "Blazon Brikhaus" Sanchez creates an awesome custom out of Tequila (from Muttpop) for SubUrbanVinyl's NYCC Show, with this Batman and his two balloon heads featuring The Joker and his main squeeze "Harlequinn"!

"To celebrate the Batman Day 2015, Geek-Art and French Paper Art Club released last saturday 3 official DC Comics screen prints, created by Dave Johnson for Detective Comics number 745, 746 and 755. Those prints are part of the official DC Comics art show "From Gotham to Metropolis", hosted by French Paper Gallery in Paris, until the 7th of october. We are very glad of how those 3 screen prints turned out. Hopefully you'll enjoy them too and spread the word ! All those prints are available online here." (www.geek-art.net)

We wrap up this post with a look at "Darkest Knight" - A Tribute To Batman's 75 Years, with this video featuring all aspects of differing mediums / medias across the geek universe!

Darkest Knight - A Tribute To Batman's 75 Years #BatmanDay

Posted by DC Comics Collection on Saturday, September 26, 2015

And furthermore, in closing…