Chibi Stan Lee Figure from LittleHouse

This interesting lil'nugget popped into my inbox, courtesy of DKE Toys (who are distributing): "Chibi Stan Lee Figure"

Designed by LittleHouse, and Made in Mexico, Chibi Stan Lee stands a little over 5" tall, and has a SRP of US$20 per. Made of durable PVC plastic, he weighs .65LB. This is what he had to say "for himself";
"I am 100% Vinyl, meaning I won't shatter if glasses may come off but, they're interchangeable so don't worry. If they fall off, just pop them back on. You can give me a sponge bath if you're so inclined. Don't forget to hug me every other day!"
Featured below are a few snaps of the Chibi Stan Lee figure being sketched on at the Atlantic City Convention (circa May / images via 3coconutmonkey). Nice that they had blank tees to doodle on haha … the edition here features the "EXcelsior" text on the tee (seen up top).

PRODUCT PRESS: "Modeled after comics legend Stan Lee, co-creator of the Comics Marvel Universe, this product stands at 5" tall and has 6 points of adorable articulation. The entire body is made of durable PVC plastic, Stan's shades are attached but have a very cool translucent color to them. The base is also removable and will feature the Chibi-Stan Lee logo."