Doktor A re-launches

DOKTOR A PRESS: "Welcome to Retropolis, home of the Mechtorians, a society of retrobotic characters from all walks of life. The all new, online hub for all things Mechtorian is now open for business.

The new website collects together for the first time a decade's worth of the Doktor's Neo-Victorian robots. With over 200 characters listed it functions as a check list and deep resource for collectors, an in depth introduction to the newcomer, and a splendid bit of eye candy for the casual visitor. Sculptural pieces, drawings, paintings, small run toys and other items are all represented. With all new images, remastered from the original photographs, and a sleek new style, Mechtorians are presented in more detail than ever before."

DOKTOR A PRESS CONTINUED: "The first Mechtorian character appeared in 2006. Since then over 300 different sculptural pieces have been created along with 20 different production toys (with a total of 88 variations), countless drawings and numerous pieces of related merchandise.

Brass moustachioed scientists rub copper-plated elbows with polished metal bank managers, fairground hawkers and socialites in a fantastical realm where humans play no part. A world whose inhabitants go robotically about their daily routine, playing out their part in a society modeled on a flimsy memory of an ideal world.

Every tone and level of life is here. From the extraordinary to the mundane. The mythos of the Mechtorians grows and deepens with the introduction of each new character. Their own story illuminating a small part in the ever widening, ever growing tale of the Mechtorians."