INSTINCTOYS' Mini Muckeys might well charm your socks off at #STGCC2015

To say that I LOVE Instinctoys' MUCKEY, would be an understatement (#4 in TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Toys For 2014) … and this next thing may well be leading to my toy-fall, to eventual financial-ruin (actually, already "ruined", so I'm not that afraid :p): MINI MUCKEYS! How "Mini" is "Mini"? How about a palmful of cuteness? And multiple colorways too? Yes, feel free to squeal, as I have, and if we found each other squealing in front of their Artist Alley booth AA92 & AA94 at Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con? We can find comfort in our shared toy-joy, and squeal in unison, loud and proud!

Alas they will only be for DISPLAY at STGCC, but would be made available for sale at Taiwan Toy Festival (*GASP*).

Don't forget there are more exclusives and editions to be launched and made available, not to mention these two editions of larger sized Muckeys!

"Since year 2013, Muckey is always the famous figure, I wanted to make this 10th anniversary color in special design and surprise you. We used the paint that sensitive to UV and Black light, it will go purple first and turn into pink. This coating changes colors when it gets UV light. While it under the sun, pearl white body will go into purple, and turn to pink and back to white body slowly. It just like ”Illusion”. The video I took last month the 3rd of Aug, was the video of changing color by sun light, it has been played for over 14,000 times, and 130 times shared. Today I took the video with black light. Please take a view. This will be released in Sep STGCC Singapore and Oct TTE Taiwan. After that, the official release date will be in Nov." - shared Hiroto Ohkubo.