#MySTGCC2015Scores / #toysrevilstgccscores for Prints & Publications

As I am managing the sheer mass of images (I might be exaggerating here a bit :p) I had taken of the past weekend's Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention, I thought I'd start with something perhaps "easier to manage" at this juncture with featuring my #MySTGCC2015Scores, with a distinct focus on PRINTS and PUBLICATIONS! You can see them in full (with accompanying rambling :p) HERE on the TOYSREVIL Facebook, or hash-tagged #toysrevilstgccscore on Instagram. Select publications will see a wider showcase and feature in time to come… and yes, the toys are'comin' soon!
ANDY-SAID: "Sadly, I was unable to devote more time to the prints and publishing side of #STGCC this year, with plans for the entire Sunday devotion split with my toy-hunting plans (which was supposed to be All-Saturday, but there was too many to miss :p), and did not score as much goodness as I had hoped to … and some prints were way beyond my extremely modest budget, so pity my lack of abilities … nevertheless I managed to score some schweet finds and here they are in this album…"