Out.Cycle: Adventure of The Moon @ Lou Belle Shop (Launches Oct 3)

Lou Belle Shop and Edmoon Holeworld presents a designer toys and collaborative works exhibition of Riandi Sumadinata (creator of Edmoon Holeworld and Edminion) with various industries, brands and musicians in response to the character, Edminion.
The objective of this exhibition is to introduce designer toys to the general audience and inspire someone in the circle of designer toys to develop their character in different ways. The hope that designer toys can be accepted by a wide range of people with different backgrounds, until it can inspire someone to create a piece of work in collaboration with designer toys, through their own ways.
The title of the exhibition is ‘Out.cycle: Adventure of The Moon’.

It’s a story about Edmoon Holeworld, also known as "The Moon". His job was to travel around the earth. One day, he got tired of always doing the same thing every day. He wanted to do something new, something fun, but he did not know what, but he could not just leave his job either.

After a long thought, he made Edminion, a smaller version of himself; to go on adventures, to find a way for him to get out of his routine and to gather information about the fun things he could do later.

From there, the adventure of The Moon begins …

Edminions adventure is translated into designer toys form and other collaborative work with various industries, brands and musicians including:

- 3DMaru : 3D Printing Service
- Aw Feel Good : Fishing Club
- Conture : Concreate Based Product Industry
- Herbsays : Herb Based Culinairy Brand
- House of Puppa : Handmade Fashion Jewelry Brand
- Isossible Book : Geometric Grid Sketchbook Brand
- Simax_Part : Automotive Lifestyle Movement
- Talk is Cheap : Storytelling Clothing Project
- AFTRVSHR : Electronic Dance Music Musician
- Mustache and Beard : Folky Folka Folks Band
- Muchos Libre : Super Manly Wrestler Band

In addition the collaborative work on exhibition, the event will also see a release of the ‘3.5” Edminion Resin Toy’, which will be sold in limited quantities. The event will be followed by an “Artist Talk”, where ‘The Story of Edmoon Holeworld’ will be discussed, with Rumi Siddartha as moderator. The launch will end with a performance from AFTRVSHR which will feature a Mixtape, in response to the Edminion.

An incarnation of "Edminion" was first seen at the SOTOYS exhibition circa March 2015! FYI: SOTOYS was curated and organized by Riandi Sumadinata (IG @sumadinata), creator of "The Story of Edmoon Holeworld" and "Edminion" :)

[ TOYSREVIL is the Official Media Partner for Out.Cycle: Adventure of The Moon ]

Lou Belle Shop x Edmoon Holeworld
Out.Cycle: Adventure of The Moon
Opens Saturday, October 3, 2015 (4PM–9PM)
at Lou Belle Shop (Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No.56 Bandung, Indonesia)

Toys Release:
3.5” Edminion Resin Figure

Artist Talk:
‘The Story of Edmoon Holeworld’
with Rumi Siddharta (@rumisiddharta) as Moderator

Music by: